In September, 1712, Southampton town was planned and divided into 15 school districts. Sagaponack was to be school district number 10.

The first school in Sagaponack stood on the east side of Sagg Main Street on property owned by Caleb Pierson in 1776. It was only one story high and measured 20 feet by 25 feet. The building was covered with long cedar shingles, it had 1 door and 2 windows on each side of the building. The classroom was heated by a fireplace. The desks were built around the sides of the room. The children sat on a hard bench which they had to climb over in order to sit at their desks.

After many years it was decided that Sagaponack needed a newer schoolhouse. All the men of the town met at the old schoolhouse to begin work on a new building. The men started to build the new frame and were about to put it up when a next-door neighbor by the name of Lemuel Haines told them to stop. Mr. Haines did not want the schoolhouse next door to him. He was afraid that if the schoolhouse caught fire, it would spread to his house and barns. The men of the town carried the frame across the street and set it up on common land. This second schoolhouse really stood in the street between the two roads. Many times the children were seen playing in the road because there was no room for a playground. In 1885 this second schoolhouse was sold to Charles Fooks who moved it to his farm on Parsonage Lane. Mr. Fooks later sold the building to Wainscott where it became their schoolhouse.

The third and last schoolhouse, which is the current building, was built in 1885. The property was sold by Henry Topping for $300.00 on October 28,1884. The schoolhouse was built by John B. Hedges. The schoolhouse was one room and heated by a coal stove which stood in the center of the room. The teacher was Harriet Hedges and the trustee was W. Wallace Hildreth. About 1920 the building was enlarged and another room was added. 

These are the teachers that have graced Sagaponack School with many years of joy and education.

  • 1886-1892 Hattie B. Hedges
  • 1890-1891 Elmer J. Thomson
  • 1893-1894 George S. Greene
  • 1895-1896 G. Wiggins
  • 1896-1897 C. J. Thomson
  • 1899-1900 Frances Sanford
  • 1900-1903 Alice Osborn
  • 1903-1904 Mae Belle Clark
  • 1905-1911 Annie Halsey
  • 1911-1913 Helen Ludlow
  • 1913-1914 Francis Hildreth
  • 1914-1917 Anne Rose
  • 1917-1917 Karin Johnson
  • 1916-1917 Dorothy H. Seely
  • 1918-1919 Vincent King
  • 1920-1921 Irene Davidson
  • 1922-1923 Harriet Woodward, Grades 1-3
  • 1922-1923 Madeline Renkens, Grades 4-6
  • 1927-1942 Susan Loper, Grades 1-3
  • 1936-1942 John H. Harrington, Grades 4-7
  • 1943-1961 Theodosia White Craft
  • 1961-1979 Mae Bennett Grubb
  • 1979-1998 Regina Kuch Guyer
  • 1992-2014 Diana McGinniss
  • 1998-2013 Mrs. Lisa Arrigotti
  • 2003-Present Mr. Terry Scammell